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Online Wine Clubs are becoming very common. With so many to choose from it can be difficult to determine which one suits your needs. There are wine clubs for those who are just getting established as wine drinkers, and there are some for the more experienced and dedicated wine connoisseur. Forturately, you just need a couple of hours to peruse the websites. The ones better suited for beginners tend to offer much lower prices for bottles and cases of wine, and many do not have regular shipments, allowing beginners to get better acquainted with the many wines at less cost. This does mean that as a beginner, you will get a little less guidance.

One of the first things to realize when looking to buy wines online is that you generally have to have a membership. There are many types of memberships, depending on the type of wine you like, a preferred location of wine making, budget, or by quantity. Because ordering wine through the mail is still a relatively small percentage of wine sales in the UK, it is considerably more likely that you will get a good deal online. Here are a few things to consider when joining a club.

The type of offers wine clubs make depends on the type of membership the customer has. Wine clubs usually offer several types of memberships based the customerís preference for either red or white wine, location of grape growth, or the grapes themselves. There are some that even provide memberships based on your experience level. The memberships for novices are geared more to helping you learn the differences in wines. These plans are less expensive than their experienced wine drinker counterparts. The plans for the wine connoisseur are more experience, require less information and guidance, and provide the buyer with some of the more exclusive wines that can be harder to find.

Other types of memberships are based on the geographical location from which you wish the wine to originate. These memberships tend to be more expensive since the wines may have to travel further and are limited. It is more difficult to locate the clubs that offer a true diverse range of international wines from around the world (many have specialties from the continent, but so to do many of the stores). If you are willing to spend the little extra time doing the research, you will find there are numerous online clubs out there that specialize in true international wine sales. These clubs provide more in depth information about the wines and their contacts in the country, so look for this information on the websites to determine if it is genuinely global.

Many clubs give members an introductory offer that includes either a gift, 50% discount, or even a bottle or two extra with the first shipment. Usually the best indicator is the deal after the introduction. Check into the different online reviews for the clubs you are interested in and see how the customers have reviewed the site. It is easier to find an unbiased opinion on the review sites than on the club site, and you will be able to join the club with more confidence in your decision.

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