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Wine club costs

Choosing the Euro: The Cost of Wine Clubs

Unlike other parts of life, wine clubs do not have a one-size-fits-all sort of deal with it comes to prices. To make things more confusing, the wine clubs tend to have different sections that one can chose to sign up for, varying the price within one wine club without even having to add the other wine clubs in.

Take, for example, a wine club like The Bin Club, which offers two different selections on how one is to receive their wine. A “Classic” membership tends to cost less than an “Explorer” membership, because of the additional benefits that an “Explorer” membership gives to the consumer.

There are memberships that are suited to any level of funds. The cheapest memberships can run from 6 Euros up and the most expensive start at 500 Euros. Private and exclusive wine clubs will generally cost more than other, lesser known ones, though these can be just as good as any private wine club.

The cost generally includes home delivery of the wine or wines of the month or quarter as well as the wines themselves. Depending on the wine community, one will also be paying an additional fee for the services provided when being helped to choose wines. Of course additional costs would arise should the patron choose to travel with the wine group to see vineyards and this budget will go up if those vineyards are not in the country. These trips to vineyards often come with speeches and explanations which provide further information for those who are interested in wine and wine tasting.

Additionally, there may also be fees for services rendered when meeting with the group in person, particularly if they have hired a lecturer or have rented a building that they did not already plan and include a budget for.

Of course, there are usually additional fees when faced with the option to buy wine, particularly the years that very few bottles still exist of. However, for wine enthusiasts these fees are only a small thing to give up when offered a great bottle of wine.

Some wine clubs offer a group discount for those who sign up with friends or with a corporate group. However, it is still best to keep in mind the price that the consumer is willing to spend before attempting to subscribe to a wine club. It is also best to shop around, after all, there are many online communities to go to where one can research and find out what other customer’s of a certain wine group thought of their service.

Wine in itself is not always the cheapest thing to have an interest in so it makes sense that wine clubs, groups of people who come together to enjoy their mutual love of wine, would also have an entrance fee. Carefully consider how much is too much when looking at wine clubs, as that will be able to help narrow down the club search exponentially.

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