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Wine club Q&A

Answering all your wine club questions

Though it may not seem like it, wine clubs can be very confusing. After all, a wine club is about more than just sitting around, drinking wine. What is a wine club? What do they do? How do you properly taste wine? These questions and more will be answered in this Q and A section about wine clubs.

Q: What is a wine club?
A: Usually offered by vineyards and specialty wine shops, though they are sometimes found hosted by a private group, wine clubs are designed to provide customers with a selection of wine on a monthly or quarterly basis. They are a place where those who share a similar love of, and enthusiasm for, wine and wine tasting.

Q: What do wine clubs do?
A: Wine clubs allow members to pay a certain amount, this amount tends to vary depending on the club, to taste wines and meet others that share similar interests. There are wine clubs for the newest novice or the most experienced taster and many wine clubs combine these two, as long as all parties share a love and enthusiasm for the activity.

Q: How do you properly taste wine?
A: Tasting wine is actually much more difficult to do than one often thinks. After all, doing anything properly requires quite a bit of practice and being able to really taste the wine the right way is no different. The first step is to look at the wine, the second is to smell it and the third is to taste it. After tasting, it is important to spit out the wine as the alcohol would eventually begin to have an effect. Finally, assessing the wine and spotting any flaws in the drink will help to round out the ability to properly taste wine. As you can tell, there is a lot more involved in tasting wine than simply drinking the liquid.

Q: Do I have to be a member to order from a specific wine club?
A: It really depends on the wine club. There are many that allow you to be a customer without being a member of their regular wine club but there are also those that do not. It is wise to always check their FAQs as they will provide more in-depth information that would relate more directly to you. Long answer short: Sometimes.

Q: What is the cost to join a wine club?
A: As with many other things in life, the cost to get into a certain wine club depends on that wine club. The costs can be as little as 6 euro to as great as 500 euro, depending on the wine club joined.

Q: What exactly does a vintage bottle of wine mean?
A: It is actually very simple; wine tends to be referred to by the date when it was bottled. So, for instance, a bottle of wine that was capped in 1988 would be referred to as a 1988 bottle.

Q: Should I shop around?
A: The answer is very simple. Yes, most definitely.

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