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Berrys Wine club review

Berry’s Wine Club is part of the Berry Bros & Rudd Wine Merchant, which is distinguished as the oldest wine merchant in England. Today, they receive high marks from customers that visit their store. Regardless of the budget or the knowledge of the buyers who arrive at the shop, they consistently rank the store as one of the most competent and helpful wine provides. It is somewhat more difficult to locate ratings regarding the wine club.

At the end of 2009, Berry’s Wine Club offers the introductory case is half of the regular price, either £60 or £90, depending on the plan you chose. Cases are delivered every two months for free, with an average of a 15% discount on each case. The case price does appear to be contingent on the wine included in the shipment. The shipments also include information on the foods that are recommended for each wine.

The basic membership, or The Essential Selection, is £120 for each regular case after the introductory offer. The case will have two bottles of each wine type. The Reserve Selection has a greater selection; you can choose to have the standard two bottler of each type of wine, but several other options are available. Twelve entirely different bottles of wine are available in the Reserve Discovery Case and is meant for the person desiring greater options. For buyers who prefer French wine, two bottles of six types of French wine may be selected. For dinner parties, there is the option to select three bottles of four different wines. The Reserve Connoisseur has six bottles roughly for the regular price, but with more exclusive wines. The Reserve Selection averages around £180 a case. For both selections, you are free to swap your case type to one of the other options at any time. For example, Essential members can switch an all red case to a mixed case at any time. The Reserve member can swap the case to any one of the six types offered under that program.

The club explores the products of those wineries that are considered first rate. They also employ three wine experts to select the wines that will be available in the shipments. A very unique feature is the inclusion of information and invitations to wine tasting events and diners. This offer does extend to some of the classes and education Berry Bros & Rudd provide. Another extremely distinctive offer is the recipes provided on the website to assist buyers in selecting and creating the perfect dinner to go with the wines, with the list going back at least to September 2008. Their name for their guarantee is the “Berry’s No Quibble Guarantee,” which presents a full refund for the wines that do not “delight” the customer.

The Berry’s Wine Club website is very neat and informative. It is very easy to understand the different choices and to find information on the different aspects of the club. The look and tone are very professional and provides as much useful information as either a beginner or expert could want to understand what is available. The online store is as promising and pleasing as the reviews indicate of the actual store.

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