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Daily Mail Wine club review

The Daily Mail Wine Club does not appear to offer a regular shipment of wine. The proclaimed goal of the site is “to bring down the price of good wine.” There are many diverse choices of wine cases that can be bought online and the site seems to offer some really good deals on all of their cases. The website includes a method for sorting through type of wine you are looking for by the geographic location you want your wine to originate from, the grape that you want as the wine’s basis, special deals currently going on, the style of wine (red, white, Rose, Champagne, or mixed), price, or a menu titled More Options. At the time of this review, the site was offering an excellent deal for 15 bottles of mixed or single type of wine for £69.99, called the 15-Bottle Price Meltdown.

One of the Special Offers they always have is for the wine of the month, which does change monthly. It is a page well worth checking out because they run specials on types by year. The deals can be for either six bottles or a case of 12 bottles, with the larger case being a little less than half the price per bottle than the smaller case. For example, GJK Quintessence ‘The Landmark’ Red NV is £33.94 for six bottles and £63.88 for a case of 12. The Current Offers tab on the website lists the many different deals on a wide range of wines, from the Mystery Cases, to holiday sales, to clearance cases. Some of the deals are on wines by a specific country, like France, and, of course, some of the cases are done by whether you want red or white wine. Toward the bottom of the page, the site offers a case of six bottles of particular wines that are currently on sale. The website does a great job of showing the potential buyer what wines are on sale and providing a huge range of potential cases, but tends to focus on the selection and put less emphasis on other aspects that are more clearly defined on other sites. The club is 100% guaranteed and has no obligation to buy if you are not interested.

A very interesting feature of this club is the potential regular purchase Mystery Cases. You will not know what you are getting and that is a good bit of the fun, although it does at a less desirable element of getting something you already know you do not like. On the up side, they do add some of the more expensive bottles, including a nice round of champagne, at random. The first mystery case contains 12 bottles of wines at a bargain price of £46.99. As always, the wine choice may be red, white, or a mix of the two. The Deluxe Mystery Case currently costs £53.88 for a case, with the same options as the regular case. The difference is for a few extra dollars you are shipped a case of wine that may contain a golden ticket. These tickets are placed in the Deluxe Mystery Case at random. The owner of a golden ticket gets a free case of wine.

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