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What to Think about When Reviewing a Wine Club

Reviewing the many different wine clubs available can be a daunting task, especially as the number of such clubs increases so rapidly. Determining which ones are reliable, which ones are all hype, or which ones have what you want may make you rethink your desire to join. At first many of the clubs seem to have the same offers. There are several things to watch for initially that will help start making a sound judgment on a clubís ability to meet your expectations.

Appearance isnít everything, but it can help demonstrate how organized a company is or show how well they communicate. Some sites are very clean and professional; their presentation of information is organized and efficient with prices, shipping information, and different plans easily located and understandable.

Most sites offer different packages based on your wine preference, but if you have a preference, you should always double check that it is an option. If website does not list several specific examples showing that it offers wine from around the globe, you should probably be wary of its claim. Many of these sites probably specialize in European wines and will not be able to deliver the wide assortment of wines that you want. Also be careful with the variety. The good wine clubs will provide a lot of information for each plan, including the types of wines you will get and the brands. You should get a breakdown of the number of bottles to expect for each type.

You should always double check shipping and delivery charges. Some of the sites provide confusing information on what they charge for the wine and how much they charge for shipping or delivering it. The vast majority of sites have one rate that goes for all cases, regardless of the size of the case. You should also check to see how often the regularly shipped packages will arrive. Some of the sites offer plans that allow you to receive packages every two months; however, most plans are run on a quarterly basis.

The last thing to watch is the price. With wine, you are not going to find a really good wine at an outrageously cheap price on a regular basis. If a website claims to offer that, it is probably best to avoid the site. Good wine, especially wine exported from longer distance, are not going to be cheap as a rule because they are in short supply. The best time to get these wines is during the introductory offer, but you are not likely to get those prices again. You will get some very good wine at the regular, lower prices, but do not be fooled into believing what you already know is not true. Keep in mind your goal for reviewing the different wines. If you aspire to be a wine connoisseur, it may be well worth the investment to get the more expensive wines. If you just want to enjoy wine as a hobby, it is probably best to stick with the clubs that are geared to the less serious wine drinker.

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