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Majestic Wine club review

The Majestic Wine Club is a well known wine provider that has stores located around the UK and France. They appear to be predominately a wine provider via the store, or that is what their website appears to reflects, with its frequent mention of locating a store, free wine tastings in store, and other offers that can only be done in person. That aside, the website is well organized for finding exactly what you are looking for in purchasing a wine online and having is shipped. You can hunt for wine according to country, wine type, price, grape, style, or by their special features. The Majestic Wine Club also has a newsletter, which will keep you apprised of the latest deals, upcoming events and news, and general information. Majestic has won several awards for their wine selection, including the International Wine Challenge and the 2009 Decanter World Wine Award for wine chain. Awards are not limited to the chain, but they have several award winning wines as well. It does not appear, however, that they set up a regular delivery for wine. If they do have such an option, it is not easily located on their website.

The Majestic Wine Club has several types of mixed cases shown under the Mixed Cases tab. To get a good feel for your options with this provider, check out the different wines listed under this tab. They feature a case of wines that they favor, a case of the most popular wines, and a case of the newest wines. If you continue to scroll down, you will see over half a dozen other specials and gift ideas. The different types of wines (like champagne and fortified wines) are clearly defined in menus that run across the top of each page.

The wine page is relatively unique because it fronts the current deals, managerís choice, new arrivals, and top 10 offers right at the top of the page. This is useful if you are not sure what you are looking for and want some input to help decide a direction.

Delivery will occur within seven days, usually less, and they do call to make sure you will be home to receive the case. A minimum order of 12 bottles is required for delivery. The delivery service is free for all residents on the mainland. Shipping is £7.50 a case for other locations, like Ireland and the isles. There is no international service at this time. The website has a special offer to meet gift request of one, two, or six bottles.

On the whole, this appears to be a great way to establish a wine basis for those who are less experienced and wish to become better acquainted with the wine industry. Because there are so many stores, nearly guaranteeing a store near you, you may feel a bit more of a personal relationship with the supplier. It is much easier to establish this type of service when you do not have to rely on information from people supplied online.

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