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Nectar Wine club review

The Nectar Wine Club is provides some very interesting options at their website. Their wine selection includes wines that come from all over the world. You can purchase wine a bottle at a time, or subscribed to the regular delivery of a case every three months. While the club is really more for the beginner or people who do not take wine so seriously, the club does have an astounding array of possible choices from over 1,300 different wines. You do have to be a Nectar cardholder to make purchases from the site; however, there is no cost to join and no obligation to continue with orders after the arrival of your first case.

The Nectar Wine Club offers its clients wine card that accumulates points with every shipment. The number of points earned will vary depending on the cases you buy. Redeeming the points will also use a different number of points based on the case bought. The purchase of 12 bottles of a red or white only case usually costs close to 9,000 point, the more exotic mixes are going to use over 10,000 points, and a smaller three bottle case of champagne is generally going to use a little less than 5,000 points. The point system itself equates to 2.50 for every 500 points earned for regular purchases, or 3 for items bought under a Special Redemption offer. Some offers do earn you more points, such as cases shipped under the wine plan. The usually delivery will take about five days, but currently the Nectar Wine Club is not able to deliver to the Channel Islands, and they do not deliver outside of the UK. Standard shipping costs are 6.99, with the option for faster delivery for an additional 5. Like many wine clubs, there is a 100% guarantee with every bottle, and they will pick up any wine you do not like at no charge.

There are four plans at 15 bottles a case for the introductory case; all red, all white, mixed, or a Taste of Spain mixed. The first case currently costs 49.99 and includes a free corkscrew. All future cases shipped under any of these plans will give you triple points for 12 bottles at 69.99 per case. You can change you plan between shipments or choose not to receive a shipment if the wines do not appear to your liking. Similar to many of the other wine clubs, you will get tasters information, advice, and tips with each case you purchase. The prices are also very reasonable for the selection.

To make purchasing even easier, they do track your orders and have an option to review your most frequently purchased bottles, making it much easier to make a repeat purchase if you find exactly what you want. If you are unsure about a wine selection, the website has an exclusive option to query a wine advisor and get answers quickly. The website is very well organized, easy to maneuver, and includes an FAQ section to help newcomers get a feel for the site.

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