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Sunday Times Wine club review

The Sunday Times is relatively unique in their wine plans. Perhaps the biggest flaw in the Sunday Times wine selection is their reliance on wines European wines. While France and Australia are the predominant countries from which they buy, the Sunday Times does offer wines from some of the other well-known wine producing countries. If you prefer a looking for a wide range of countries for your imported wine, you may want to consider one of the other wine clubs. Other than that, the Sunday Times Wine club is well reputed for their customer service, prompt delivery, excellent selection, and ten different plans. They are also celebrated for their frequent shipments of extras and gifts. Overall, customers have expressed overwhelming satisfaction in this club.

Several plans offer a choice between deliveries every two or three months, whichever you prefer. Many include food recommendations for the wine choices. Because the number and types of plans are unique, they are detailed below according to the website at the end of 2009. You should check their website for the latest offers.

4 Seasons includes a 12 bottle case of wine from around the world. The plan offers all red wine, all white wine, or a mix of the two for each shipment. The introductory shipment is £39.99 for the first case, regardless of your wine preference. After the introductory case, each additional case will be £79.99.

At the time of this review, Australia Direct offers 15 bottles for the introductory offer. The plan always provides regular shipments of 12 bottles for £49.99 at the introductory offer (or for 15 at the time of this review). The regular rate is £104.95 per.

A Taste of Spain is similar, offering 15 bottles for the introductory case of exclusively Spanish wines. The introductory case currently stands at £49.99, with subsequently cases costing £94.99.

The Lai Chai au Quai Plan includes an introductory 12 bottles for £59.99. You also may be entered for special invitations to events, and an open invitation to visit Lai Chai. Regular cases are roughly £125.

Rioja Club includes the renowned Spanish red wines, either a case of six for £39.99 or 12 for £69.99. The regular price is £125.88. The club has no membership fee and arrives every three months.

Cellar Classics offers 12 bottles of all red wine, all white wine, or a mix at £69.99 from around the world. The regular price exceeds £150. Shipments are quarterly. Big Red includes 12 bottles of four of the latest red wine finds at £55.99 for the introductory case. Regular deliveries are £75.99.

Claret Club provides 14 bottles from Bordeaux in the introductory case, at £79.99 (two bottles are free). Subsequent cases are will contain either 6 or 12 bottles, based on your choice. The Presidentís Cellar Club offers 6 bottles for £84.99 at the introductory rate. The number of members is limited. Regular shipments appear to be £121 for 3 bottles, and occur twice a year.

Several aspects are universal between the plans. You will receive information on the bottles to be included in each shipment prior to its posting. If you prefer to skip a shipment, just notify them that you do not want it and it will be cancelled. Regardless of the number of bottles in a case, shipping is always £6.99 per case and should be considered during every purchase, including the introductory ones. All cases come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee according to the terms and conditions.

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