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Tesco Wine club review

The Tesco Wine Club can be a good place to start for the person who is new to the world of wine tasting. Joining the club will mean you will start receiving information, coupons, and even a magazine to help you better understand the wine industry. As the website points out as one of the primary reasons to join, there is no charge for becoming a member of the Tesco Wine Club. For ease, the Tesco Wine Club is tied to the Tesco Clubcard or any other account users may have with purchases made on one of the Tesco websites. In 2009, the Tesco Wine Club was honored with the designation as Wine Club of the Year in the International Wine Challenge.

Although Tesco is a large grocery store, they do offer many wines that you would not usually find on a grocery store shelf, but not necessarily at the exorbitant price you can pay elsewhere. At the time of this review, Tesco has 50% off sale for more than 50 different wines. The special offer page of their site is updated weekly to detail the latest special offer; however, the one highlighted is not the only sale. The magazine provides a lot of information on recipes, party tips, different lifestyles associated with the different wines, and recommendations. From the magazine, you can narrow your wine search to the wines specified by Tesco as being the best for given situations. These listings also include the current deals on those wines.

The website presents over 1,000 wines according to the different methods that you may want to search the wines. If you prefer a red or white wine, you can see the different types and the number of each; if you prefer to search by originating country, grape, or price, wines may also be selected by those types. The website is rather remarkable in that it also offers a search according to the awards the wines have won, and more uniquely, wines that are made for vegetarians and even vegans. Tesco sponsors an annual Wine Fair. There is a website dedicated to the event, and the website provides some information and pictures from the last few years of the fair.

It is difficult to locate club information on the website. The link to join the club was broken and it did not appear that there was a regular way to receive wine on a regular basis. While there must certainly be a way to set up such an account, after 20 minutes of looking, this review found a lot of useful information, but no regular delivery. It is clear that cases of wine should contain at least 12 bottles, and champagne should have six bottles per case. There are several reviews online indicating that the website may not be entirely accurate on whether wines are in stock. Ordering on the website is extremely simple and the site makes it very clear about quantity requirements (based on bottle number, not monetary limitation).

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