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Wine Society club review

The Wine Society has been around since 1857. As a well established wine provider, it is not surprising they have a very established a well-rounded club. From bottles under £5 to the pricey, exotic types of wine, the club makes enjoying wine an option for any budget. Nor does it appear to be condescending. The Wine Society offers wines from all over the globe and has over 800 wines on their menu. While they do not set a minimum number of bottles or cost, shipments that do not meet requirements will have a £5 delivery fee. They do post regular delivery time expectations on their website, from a week to 14 days, with the option for over-night delivery. The Wine Society currently has a £20 offer to new members that will be applied to their first wine purchase.

The club has a program called the “Wine without Fuss.” As with most clubs, you can choose to have either all red wines, all white wines, or a mix of the two delivered to your door. Shipping is free for cases that include at least 12 bottles or that cost over £75. The program is meant to give you a way to get receive highly recommended wine without having to do the research yourself. The cases will arrive every two or three months. The program has three levels: Everyday Selection with a maximum price of £75 a case, Premium Selection with a maximum price of £99 a case, and Claret & French Dry White Selection with a maximum price of £149 a case. Everyday Selection is made to match the season of the case’s arrival, with a mix of new and classic wines. Each case will have two bottles of six different types of wine. Premium Selection is for more expert wine drinkers and includes wines that are more exclusive. These cases will also provide two each of six wines. The Claret & French Dry White Selection offers the best of these types of wine. The case will arrive with food recommendations and recipes to match the wines contained in the case. Each case will be different and members can select how many and what types of wines they wish to receive. Members can select all red wines with four bottles of three types of red, all white with the same ratio, or a mix of red and white that includes two of each of six wines.

The Wine Society Club also has a program for creating a fantastic cellar of the best wines. This program has wines and makes recommendations for wines that will be good after being stored. If the member chooses, the Wine Society will store the wine under ideal conditions. The charge varies based on the number of bottles and whether you choose to store the wine with the Society.

The website is very professional and informative. Maneuvering around the site is straightforward. Ordering is also very simple and prices are easy to determine. Orders may also be tracked.

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