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Wine clubs in the UK

Variety Isn’t Just for Wine Anymore

There are multiple groups for those who are fans of soccer so it stands to reason that there would be many groups for those who are interested in wine. This is certainly the case for those who live in the United Kingdom, where the first wine club was created in the 1930s.

Groups like The Bin Club, which is located in Suffolk, tend to be very selective, allowing only individuals who meet their criteria to join their wine communities. The Bin Club alone boasts half a million bottles in storage from their 2,000 worldwide members, making quite the group of wine lovers. The wine community also has a fairly interesting choice of subscriptions as the “classic” subscription gives the buyer wines that were purchased for them or the “explorer” subscription where the client can choose their own selections.

On the other hand, groups like Connoisseur, located in London, host special tastings which are aimed to broaden the horizon of any level of wine taster. Lecturers come to the small, informal meetings to better inform those involved about wine. These meetings are designed to help a person discover their personal wine preference and to help them make wine friends. Those who are just starting to get interested in the world of wine are also invited to join.

CECWINE: London’s Premier Wine Tasting Club boasts many fine and rare wines including Pol Roger 1921, Mouton Rotschild 1966, and Las Cases 1953. Obviously located in London, CECWINE prides itself on finding and bringing the best wine to the members of their group.

International Wine & Food Society was formed in 1933, making it one of the oldest wine clubs that are currently still functioning. They offer 140 branches in 30 different countries, three of these branches being in London, where the main headquarters is also located. Though they are located in London, IWFS holds festivities in different parts of the world every year, making sure that the love of wine never really gets old.

Located in Basingstoke, Hampsire, the North Hampshire Wine Society was formed in 1979 and meets once a month in the oldest buildings of the area. During this time, those who are involved in this group discuss wine, have a wine tasting, and there is often a guest speaker. There is a charge of 12 euro which is used to pay for the facility collected at each meeting.

Oxford University Wine Circle is the original wine tasting society located at Oxford. They are dedicated to educating all of the members of this community about wine including type, taste, and smell. The Wine Circle is able to boast a six-time win in the annual wine tasting match.

Regardless of where you live in the United Kingdom, there will always be at least one wine group near you. There ar plenty of groups that are located outside of Britain itself and are just as good, if not better than those offered.

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